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GTFOH! Delusional White Man Gives Worst Excuse EVER For Hanging Nooses And Confederate Flags




Detroit Man Defends Hanging Nooses And Confederate Flags At His Home

Via NYDailyNews

A suburban Detroit business owner and his wife who hung Confederate flags and nooses on their property insist that anyone who sees the actions as racist is “stupid.”

“I am not a racist,” Robert Tomanovich, owner of Robert’s Discount Tree Service in Livonia, Mich., told the Daily News Monday night.

“I know black guys, I have black friends. We’re all laughing at this stupidity. Do you know how many white guys were hung back in the day? This isn’t racist. But all of a sudden it’s out of control.”

Tomanovich , 55,made local headlines when WXYZ reported last Friday that Confederate flags and a noose were hanging outside two of his properties, one of which he uses for his tree-cutting business. The noose hung from a tree small enough for a child to scale.

The decorations have…

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#ByeWig: Claudia Jordan Claps Back At RHOA Rumors That She Was Meant To Remove Nene Leakes


nene claudia

Claudia Jordan Denies Rumors About Nene Leakes

We recently reported that Nene Leakes took to her blog and fired off at Claudia Jordan as well as an unnamed “shady queen” producer who were trying to take her down on RHOA:

I ain’t always right but I sho ain’t always wrong either! I was always being attacked, at work, on social media, in the press, the weekly’s and every Monday morning on one particular syndicated morning radio show. It was as if they dedicated their Monday mornings to me with a revolving negative guest! I was being called everything! A bad friend, evil, disgusting, Cancer, a bad wig, bad skin, bipolar, noodles , a slave owner and so much more but yet I was the mean one. It took all of them, our executive producer and a B character that never was and never will be a housewife to try and…

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Well, Actually: Whitney Houston’s Family Confirms Whether Or Not Bobbi Kristina’s Really Out Of A Coma

Is she or isn’t she?


Bobbi Kristina Bobby Brown

Whitney Houston’s Family Responds To Bobby Brown’s Bobbi Kristina Comments

Remember when we showed you that video of Bobby Brown proudly declaring that his daughter Bobbi Krissy was out of a coma???

Well the late Whitney Houston’s family says otherwise…

TMZ reports:

Bobby and Tina Brown are absolutely wrong … Bobbi Kristina is not off life support and remains unresponsive … this according to the Houston family.

Sources connected with the Houstons tell TMZ, they have no idea where Bobby Brown is getting his information that Bobbi Kristina was awake, nor do they know why Tina said she’s awake and no longer on life support.

We’re told the Houstons are clear … “She’s in the exact same condition she was in when she went into the facility.” They say there is “minimal” reaction … an occasional eye blink, but that’s it.

The Houstons say Bobbi Kristina is still on a…

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Drip Dropped: Did FOX Just Cancel The Second Season Of Empire?!?!

Could this be true?



Is it time to say bye to Cookie, Lucious and Boo Boo Kitty????

Was The Second Season Of “Empire” Cancelled?

A rumor is currently swirling that despite breaking ratings records and establishing a cult like following, “Empire” has been cancelled due to “failed contract negotiations.”

NewsBuzzDaily reports: 

After record breaking views of Fox’s newest show “Empire” has been cancelled. Initially, on January 17, the show was renewed for a second season but now Fox has rescinded “Empire” opportunity for a second season.

Produced by Lee Daniels and staring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, the show was a success and many viewers tuned in weekly for the musical drama. It is said that the show is loosely based off hip hop mogul, Jay-Z’s life.

Fox’s public relations representative, Charles McRae, has stated that the reason for the cancellation is due to contractual negotiations. According to Fox, pay towards Lee Daniels…

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BOSSIP Exclusive: Rev. Sharpton To Honor Lee Daniels For His Work Challenging Homophobia In The Black Community



"Empire" Academy of Television Arts and Sciences members Screening and Panel, to provide an opportunity to consider the show for Emmys.

“Empire” Creator Will Be Recognized For His Work To Challenge Homophobia In The Black Community

The Rev. Al Sharpton will give Lee Daniels an award for his work to show the anti-gay bias that exists in the African-American community.
Daniels will receive a humanitarian award at the National Action Network’s “Keepers of the Dream” dinner and ceremony April 9 as part of the organization’s annual convention.

Rev. Sharpton told BOSSIP that Daniels was the natural choice for the honor.
“We have to confront the biases in our community that stop us from collectively fighting discrimination,” the Rev. Sharpton told BOSSIP. “What Lee Daniels did by raising the issue, in Empire, with the whole conflict of Lucius and his son…he is making us confront our own biases.”
“He has stood up, raised this issue, and also said that ‘I’m gay,’” the Rev. Sharpton added.

Al Sharpton

The Rev. Sharpton has made homophobia in…

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You’re Fired! NYPD Cop Who Harassed Foreign Uber Driver On Video Stripped Of Badge



NYPD Cop Embarrasses Uber Driver Is Stripped Of Gun And Badge

The NYPD detective who was caught on video chewing out an Uber driver has been stripped of his shield and gun, and will be placed on modified duty, police officials said.

Detective Patrick Cherry has been removed from the department’s elite Joint Terrorism Task Force and will be doing desk duty until he is officially transferred out of the prestigious division.

“No good cop should watch that video without a wince,” Commissioner Bill Bratton said at a Wednesday press conference. “Because all good cops know that officer just made their jobs a little bit harder.”

“In that kind of encounter, anger like that is unacceptable,” Bratton continued. “In any encounter, discourtesy and obscene language like that is unacceptable.

“That officer’s behavior reflected poorly on everyone who wears our uniform.”

The incident was being investigated by the Internal Affairs Bureau…

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Shook Ones: Homophobic Indiana Pizza Shop Owners Go Into Hiding After Raising $500,000 From Anti-Gay Supporters

What about the emplyoee’s loss of income?



Pizza Shop Owners In Indiana Raise $500,000 And Go Into Hiding

If you scared, go to church…

Via AP

A northern Indiana pizza shop that came under fire after its owners said their religious beliefs wouldn’t allow them to cater a gay wedding is closed indefinitely, and its operators say they’ve gone into hiding.

Memories Pizza in Walkerton faced criticism this week after co-owner Crystal O’Connor expressed support for a new Indiana religious objections law. The Facebook and Yelp pages for the restaurant about 20 miles southwest of South Bend were bombarded with negative reviews.

A coach of a high school golf program was suspended after a Twitter post that mentioned going to Walkerton and burning down the restaurant.

WNDU-TV reports that O’Connor and her family are considering leaving town.

A site benefiting the restaurant had raised more than $500,000 as of Friday morning.

You gotta have A LOT…

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