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Is This A Joke? Former SAE Fraternity Member Apologizes While Surrounded By Black Leaders [Video]

BS, joke, or…?



SAE Fraternity Member Levi Pettit Apologizes

One of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon leaders who lead that now infamous racist chant apologized yesterday for his actions. Levi Pettit was surrounded by members of the Oklahoma Black Caucus who supported him as he said he’d “pledge his life to fighting racism.”


MSNBC reports:

Flanked by black community leaders, one of the former University of Oklahoma SAE fraternity brothers captured on video singing a racist chant apologized Wednesday to those he had hurt and said he would pledge his life to fighting racism.

“All the apologies in the world won’t change what I have done, so I will spend the rest of my life trying to be the person who heals and brings people of all races together,” Levi Pettit said in a press conference in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma State Sen. Anastasia A. Pittman, the chair of the Oklahoma Black Caucus, thanked…

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They Hate Us: 10 White Michigan Cops Violently Beat Unarmed Black Man In Shady “Drug Arrest” [Video]

Bad cops once again giving good cops a bad rep.


Floyd Dent beaten by Detroit police

Detroit Police Caught On Camera Beating An Unarmed Man During Alleged Drug Arrest

Rodney King 2.0?

Via DailyKos

Floyd Dent is an amazing man. He has worked his entire adult life, from age 20-57, for Ford Motor Company in suburban Detroit. Never a day in his life has he been in trouble with the law. Loved by his family and community, he’s about as upstanding of a citizen as a man could be.

So, when the Michigan State Police in Wayne County, outside of Detroit, trailed Floyd’s car, suspecting him of purchasing drugs, what happened next may be the most preposterous case of police brutality in modern American history.

Yanked from his car and put into a brutal, illegal choke hold, officers begin to repeatedly punch Floyd in the face, nearly knocking him unconscious. Another officer comes up and shocks Floyd three separate times with his Taser – putting him…

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White Atlanta Couple Throwing ‘Django’ Themed Slave Party Offer $600 For Blacks To Do This…




Couple Throwing Django Party Search For Mandingos On Craigslist

Where is Starbucks with their poorly-conceived #racetogether campaign now?? A Buford, GA couple recently posted this disgusting Craigslist ad searching for Blacks to do this at an Antebellum themed party for the husband.

Just read this mess:


Trolling or nah??? In case you aren’t familiar with Jamie Foxx’s blockbuster film, Mandingo fighting is when two big Black men fight to the death with their bare hands for white people’s entertainment. Yes, in 2015. This happened.


We hope the Craigslist post is just a very sick joke because it was later deleted but if it is real, we hope it ends like this…



Images via: The Weinstein Company/YT/Craigslist

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Nene Leakes Says The Fellow Housewives Want Her Fired From RHOA And Here’s Why

Okay, NeNe, I have always been in your corner for whatever reason. However, I feel you got what Kandi was saying very wrong. While I sympatize with where you were coming from in feeling attacked, I don’t feel she was attacking you during the session. I just think Porsha was taking everything in and Kandi didn’t really want to be there. I feel that is why neither of them said anything when the others were speaking. I think if I had been in either of their positions I would have taken an “let’s see where this is going” attitude before saying anything since it was a counseling session. Stay strong and hang in there, girl. We’d hate to see you leave.



Nene Leakes Says Cast-mates Want Her Off RHOA

Nene Leakes has been feeling some type of way after enduring a therapy session with the ladies that was supposed to clear the air and regain unity. According to Nene’s blog on her site, the session did the opposite.

The things they try to do to turn the viewers against you! Over the years I’ve learned you have to get up from the table when love is no longer being served! Everyone came prepared to blame one person and that one person seemed to be me! Since I am the one that has divided the cast, let me take full responsibility for Porsha and Kenya fighting at the reunion! I’m totally responsible for Porsha and Claudia not getting along at all this season. I must take full responsibility for Claudia and Kenya saying Porsha is dating a married African man. Now…

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White Parents Outraged After Daughter Participates In School’s Black History Month Event

What were they thinking?



White Parents Demand Apology For School’s Black History Month Event

Fox News’ morning show “Fox & Friends” interviewed two white Virginia parents, Rebecca and Charles, who are outraged because their 8-year-old daughter’s school district held a Black History Month event.

Via The Grio reports:

The point of contention for the parents was how blatantly the gathering seemed to show support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other protests that have been making headlines over the past several months.

“Everywhere that we looked were students, high school students, wearing shirts that said ‘Black Lives Matter, I Can’t Breathe,” said Rebecca. “As I was flipping through my program, it had ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.”

Charles wanted to yank his daughter from the auditorium immediately, but his wife thought it best to at least let her stay long enough to sing with her school’s choir – but then things (in her mind) went from…

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Phaedra Parks Reveals Why She’s Stalled Divorce Proceedings With Shady Apollo Nida


apollo and phaedra

Phaedra Parks Reveals Why She Hasn’t Divorced Apollo Nida Yet

Three months after Phaedra Parks announced she would be divorcing jailed husband Apollo Nida, the attorney still hasn’t filed any paperwork. And although insiders say she is prepping her case, has learned she has one big reason not to pull the trigger:

According to one source, Parks doesn’t want Nida to be compelled to testify against her in her ongoing defamation lawsuit.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star sued former acquaintance Angela Staton for defamation last year after Stanton published a book claiming that Parks was heavily involved in Nida’s illegal activities, and that case is still dragging on in Atlanta.

“Phaedra isn’t going to divorce Apollo while this case is going on,” a source close to the couple told Radar. “She plans to still be married to Apollo so that he can’t be forced to testify against…

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For Your Information: Atlanta Ranked #1 U.S. City For New Cases Of HIV

Did you know?


HIV AIDS testing

Atlanta Is The #1 City In America For New HIV/AIDS diagnoses

Don’t get caught slippin’ without a Jimmy hat in ATL…


Atlanta is ranked No. 1 among U.S. cities when it comes to the rate of new diagnoses of HIV.

Experts say that’s because routine HIV testing is not offered in the places where most people get their health care. By the time patients are diagnosed in Atlanta, almost one third have advanced to clinical AIDS.

Since starting a routine testing program in 2013, Grady Hospital has diagnosed an average of two or three patients with HIV every single day.

“This is something that keeps me awake at night in Atlanta,” Dr. Abigail Hankin-Wei said.

She runs Grady’s FOCUS HIV testing program. It’s the only emergency department in the city that offers a HIV test to every patient regardless of why they came in.

“When we diagnose patients…

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