Phaedra Parks Refuses To Do This To Cynthia Bailey After She Accuses Her Of Cheating!

Should Phaedra have accepted Cynthia’s halt-attempt at apologizing?


The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra Parks Refuses To Accept Cynthia’s Apology After Cheating Accusation

After Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks nearly come to blows over Apollo Nida’s accusations that Phaedra was cheating on her husband, the girls can’t seem to come together.

Via US Magazine reports:

In last week’s episode, Kenya and Phaedra nearly came to blows when Cynthia claimed that Phaedra allegedly cheated on her husband with a man named Chocolate.

After the bird beef, Cynthia maintains that she only shared the news to defend Kenya and Claudia Jordan, two women who are constantly accused of being promiscuous.

“You can’t be a whore and call someone else a whore,” Cynthia tells her husband.

During a lunch with Phaedra, Porsha Williams wonders why Phaedra’s close friend Kandi didn’t come to her defense after the verbal blowout. Porsha mentions the fact that Todd Tucker, Kandi’s husband, is very close with Apollo — and Kandi…

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One response to “Phaedra Parks Refuses To Do This To Cynthia Bailey After She Accuses Her Of Cheating!”

  1. MzMaDeA says :

    Cynthia should have pulled Phaedra aside and filled her in on what Apollo had told Peter. Neither Peter, Todd nor Cynthia ever saw an actual text. What Apollo showed Peter and Todd were copies that he claimed were texts between Phaedra and “Chocolate.” Phaedra has an old friend who uses the name “_ Cholate” that the other ladies don’t know. He could very well have altered texts between those 2 to suit his warped mind because he did not feel that Phaedra was standing fully with him in his time of trouble. He previously lied about texts he claimed to have received from Kenya in L A so is it so farfetched to believe he might have altered those texts. Devious minds create devious deeds. Just saying…

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