Are All Conservatives Racists?

Ask the average person of color that and the answer will be a resounding “YES!”  Why is that?  The answer is not simple.  There are many conservatives who are not racist and don’t have racist views.  However, statistically speaking individuals with conservative racial attitudes are much less likely to support an African American running for public office than they will his White opponent regardless of what his political views are.  This has become ever so evident in all the rhetoric that has surround Barack Obama’s election to the presidency of the United States.  No other president has been subjected to the scrutiny that President Obama has.  Never have there been such demands to see a birth certificate, college records, or passport data as this president has.  NOT A SINGLE ONE!!!!!  There have been racially tinged questions as to his birthplace even after the State of Hawaii has verified that his birth certificate is genuine and legal.  He has been demonized with statements relative to his religion, ethnicity, etc.  Whites who liked the dog the Obamas have before they liked the dog less after they learned the dog was the Obamas.

During this last election it is so evident that these new voter laws were trying to be instituted to suppress the voter population.  The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed into law over the objection of many.  It gave everyone – “persons who are American Indian, Asian American, Alaskan Natives or of Spanish heritage” – who is eligible the right to cast his/her vote.  In every state that new voting laws were attempted the official making the new law are Conservative Republicans.  Rather than expanding existing rules to give more people access to vote these officials made every attempt to keep people from casting their vote.  Some of these officials even made statements to say the new law would guarantee that ‘Mitt Romney would win the election.’  That to me is an insult to the voting process.  It is so evident that the official making the decision on this was doing so because of the number of people voting for President Obama in 2008.  Why?  Even when a court ruled against specific laws some officials insisted that the law be carried out against the court decision or they instituted additional laws that would disenfranchise voters.  The laws were put in place to intimidate or disenfranchise those of us whom you consider to be minorities in this country.  African Americans faced tremendous obstacles prior to the Voting Rights Act.  Given the fact that there have been a few cases of voter fraud throughout the years I can see the requirement to show an ID I can see that institution of a law to require proof that you are who you say you are is a feasible one.  But to institute the law at such a time to disenfranchise many is ridiculous.  Now, that there has been an attempt to institute a Voter ID law many people will have those IDs in place before the next presidential election.  So, what will be the next obstacle that these officials put in place?

To say that all conservatives are racist might be stretching it a bit, however.  This election season seemed to be more directed towards the Latino community.  It seems that conservatives view Hispanics of Cuban descent to be more favorable than others in the Hispanic community.  Why?  Because they feel that many Cubans have the same views as themselves.  So they accept Marco Rubio as one of them and think nothing of John Sununu when he makes racist statements about the president or his ethnicity.  Conservatives view affirmative action as a tool to foster racism rather than a tool to afford minorities opportunities they would not have had without it.  Conservatives, for some unknown reason, assume that the country is racially equal and have no sympathetic attitude toward minorities.  They don’t think hate crimes exist.  In their view a crime is a crime unless it is perpetrated against one of their own – the White people.  However, legislation to right unequal conditions only seems to fuel their racist views and promote even more disharmony.  In short, they feel that any actions taken to right a wrong is taken to hinder them from having the freedom continue viewing inequalities as the way it is supposed to be.  Hence, making things equal is taking something that rightfully belongs to the White people and giving it to minorities.  America, in fact, belongs to White people in their minds.  Ironically, they view the idea of raising the tax rate for millionaires as taking stuff from White people and giving it to Blacks and Latinos in their view.  In listening to these right wing nut cases talk about how this isn’t the country they had grown comfortable with and how they want to see the country go back to what it was makes me wonder what they want the country to go back to.  Do they want it to go back to when women sneaked around to sleezy places to have unhealthy and unsanitary abortion procedures?  Do they want it to go back to when African Americans could only vote if they passed asinine literacy test in order to vote?  Do they want it to go back to when Blacks could only have access to a minimum educational success?  Do they want it to go back to when women, even White ones, weren’t allowed to vote?  Do they want the country to go back to slavery days?  Just what do they want the United States to go back to?  Why not, go all the way back and return the country to its true owners – the Indians.  White people stole it from them. 

Karl Rove stated that the only reason President Obama won the 2012 presidential election was because there was voter suppression.  Well, Mr. Rove, I have found something to agree with you on.  There was voter suppression involved.  But, instead of the intended outcome that you conservatives wanted Obama won – AGAIN.  The voter suppression that your party attempted only served to fuel our desire to see that your party lost.  Your attempt to keep us from voting only served to PISS US OFF AND MADE US MAD AS HELL.  Perhaps next time your investors will actually use their money to help lower the deficit that you keep blaming Obama for.

When conservatives stop trying to keep the poor poor; take control of my body;  get out of my bedroom; learn how to be tolerant of all people regardless of their race, creed, or color; and, trying to tell me whom I should marry perhaps I will view them as less of a racist.  The United States of America is a melted pot of all races.  It got that way because White people came to its shores; took land that belonged to the natives; forced Black people to work for nothing (eventually almost nothing); and, tried to preserve the right to be educated as exclusive to themselves, etc.  In short, The United States of America belongs to all who live, or have residence, within its shores.  Except for the natives we are all immigrants regardless of how we came to be one of its many citizens.

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