I am amazed at the number of Black ministers advising their followers and parishioners to not cast a vote for the president.  It amazes me because these ministers are willing to have the things that would be helpful to the most needy in their communities sold down the toilet (my nicest description) because the president has chosen to advocate for every single individual (regardless of their color, race, or sexual orientation) who resides in these United States of America.  I just came across a video with 1 minister even using the “N” word while spewing his venom.   I consider myself a Christian with Christian beliefs and cannot fathom advocating against anyone who believes different than myself simply because they express what they feel is the right thing to do.  The president has been accused of dividing the country.  Yet, when he does or says anything geared toward bringing all peoples together there is still so much being done and said to under mind it.  Why is this?  Are you basing your decision on what is in the Bible – the most accepted Word of God – concerning abortion? I think God has His opinion of how He views abortion. Does He give us His point of view in the Bible? If your answer to that question is ‘Yes’, please tell me where in the Bible that is stated. I have searched for that answer but I can find it nowhere – NOT A SINGLE PASSAGE.  If you say that it is murder of an unborn fetus then that should be a decision between the woman making that decision and her conscience since she will have to live with that particular deed. If you say it is because of the gay rights – same sex marriage issue. If you ever found yourself in a gay relationship would you want to be treated different than I am in a heterosexual relationship? I think not. What if your son or daughter were in either of those positions? Would you want them condemned by the public as some sort of criminal? I think not.  I would hope that you would not disparage my child simply because of whom they chose to partner with.  Our Lord and Savior will reckon with each and every one of us based upon the deeds that we perform or accomplish here on earth. I recognize that you, as a minister, have your personal beliefs and your job is to teach the right and wrong.  But, please STOPPPPthis anti-Obama campaign.  The president is getting enough of that from those who desire to have the poor and less fortunate remain poor and less fortunate.  I have no problem with your letting your congregations know how you feel about these things but this ranting and spewing hatred from your pulpits is not something that God wants you to do in his name.  JUST MY OPINION!!!  There is enough racial hatred, homophobia, religious devisieness, etc., in the world as it is.  Those on the right throw enough racist stuff at the president.  Some questions for you…Would you feel better if there was a man in the White House who took this country back to where we were before the 1960s?  Some of you even espouse that Mitt Romney would be a better president.  Why?  Because he is a rich White man who will only make the rich richer and keep the poor poorer?  Can you tell me what Mitt Romney’s vision for the country is?  I think not.  He has flipped from being against Roe v. Wade to being for it.  does he believe in equal pay for equal work?  He would have kept our military fighting in Iraq untill…  He will keep our military fighting in Afghanistan untill….  He will cut entitlement programs but can’t say which ones – just asks the country to trust him.  Mitt Romney could not have done a better job in turning this country around than the president has.  He says he created jobs.  Sure he did – a handful of them to replace workers whose jobs had been outsourced.  As governor he worked across the aisle.  Yes he did – because he had no choice, the legistatures were mostly of the other party and even then he flipped and flopped.  He left the State in worse condition than he found it.  He took over companies and sent them into bankruptcy outsourcing the jobs.  So, now tell me the positive things about Mitt Romney becoming president.  The man reminds me of a used car salesman who say anything necessary to make the sale.  Barack H. Obama was elected president for all Americans regardless of whom they choose to worship or love, race, creed, or religion.  In the aftermath of the recent devistating storm, Sandy, he did what a leader is supposed to do.  Yet, there are those of all races who critize that.  Can this man ever do anything to please you? 



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