On the Jersey Shore, Cries of ‘Where is the Government?’

The Jersey Shore has fared its share of bad weather. As the Los Angeles Times points out this morning (in a piece well worth the read), there was the winter storm of 1846 that wrecked nine ships (still known as the Day of Terror). There was the 1962 nor’easter, which washed a Navy destroyer ashore. And, of course, there was Irene, the first time on record a hurricane had hit the region.

But Sandy, with its innocent name and violent force, remains unlike anything residents here have seen. It sent a roller coaster into the ocean in Seaside Heights. It wrecked part of the famed boardwalk in Atlantic City. And in the Barrier Islands, some residents now face a forced evacuation that could last eight months. Gas and sewer lines remain unrepaired.

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Photographer Ben Lowy will be documenting the Sandy recovery for Tumblr throughout the week. Follow his coverage at Tumblr Storyboard, or follow our instagram feed, where he’ll be guest posting.



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