A simple message for all people who plan to vote against President Obama simply because he said that the government (specifically Congress) should not have authority over a woman’s body (paraphrased) and same sex marriages should be recognized.  The president gave his personal views.  I’d like to pose a question to you.   Are you basing your decision on what is in the Bible – the most accepted Word of God – concerning abortion?  I think God has His opinion of how He views abortion.  Does He give us His point of view in the Bible?  If your answer to that question is ‘Yes’, please tell me where in the Bible that is stated.  I have searched for that answer but I can find it nowhere – NOT A SINGLE PASSAGE.  I am certain that God does have an opinion but I am equally certain that He will reckon with those who have abortions on case by case bases.  Personally, I could never see myself having an abortion but I would not impose my feelings in that regard upon another woman.  But more than that I cannot see that it should be the federal or state government who decides what I, and you, choose to do with our bodies.  If you say that it is murder of an unborn fetus then that also should be between the woman making that decision and her conscience since she will have to live that particular deed.  If you say it is because of the gay rights – same sex marriage issue.  If you ever found yourself in a gay relationship would you want to be treated different than I am in a heterosexual relationship?  I think not.  What if your son or daughter were in either of those positions?  Would you want them condemned by the public as some sort of criminal?  I think not.  Granted, I am not involved in a gay relationship and could never see myself in one but I would not dare tell my child or even my neighbor that they should be criminalized because they chose to have a same-sex partner, married or otherwise.  And I would hope that you would not disparage my child simply because of whom they chose to partner with.  Is it because you believe what you have heard about the Affordable Care Act -ObamaCare?  The things that are covered under ObamaCare are beneficial to me and my Medicare, your parents who need Medicare, your child or some other child you know with a medical condition whose health care’s expenses may exceed what your insurance allows for and will then be a heavy burden on your ability to otherwise provide for that child, your pre-existing condition and can’t get insurance to cover, the assistance you, or someone you know who has lost their job because of deep recession we are now recovering from, etc.  ObamaCare protects Medicare and it is beneficial in other ways as well.  Is it because you have not been able to gain employment?  Well, under a Romney-Ryan White House you will not have it any better.  As we venture on through this slow recovery of the economy things are getting better.  President Obama has a lot more work to do to get this country back in shape but he is getting us there.  Now, for my Black brothers and sisters.  Are you dismayed that not enough has been done for you, personally?  Well, I wish Barack Obama could have made me a millionaire.  But that fact is not reality.  Mr. Obama was elected to be the President of the United States – all races, people, and things.  He was not elected to be the president of Black America, solely.  As I see it, Barack H. Obama has been working for things beneficial for you, me, and every other person who considers themselves a citizen of these United States of America.  So, please find yourself at your precinct casting your vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Vote like your life depends on it.  Vote because you have a right to and you will never let anyone or anything takes that right away from you.  But by God Almighty do get to that precinct and cast that vote.  Votefor Barack Obama.  Vote for Mitt Romney if you believe his flipping and flopping on important issues will get you what you need.  But I assure you that if you choose the Romney-Ryan platform, you, and I, will find ourselves back in the same conditions we are recovering from.   Vote for one of the other candidates on the ticket if you desire to.  But know that when you cast your vote for that alternative candidate, it takes away from the candidate who actually will win the election.  It would be nice if God, Himself, were 1 of the options that you have.  But since God is not a candidate, why not vote for the candidate who has the interest of all Americans on his mind – not just the super richest of our citizens. 



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