The Mittology of Romnesia: The sale of Snake Oil by a Used Car Salesman

Governor Romney wants us to believe in his goals for a presidency under him but he changes or contradicts what he says consistently.  What he says today contradicts what he said yesterday.  So why would I vote for him?   Listening to him reminds of the time I bought my first car.  The car the man was trying to sell me was an outright lemon but thinking that I knew nothing about cars the man said what he needed to say to close the deal.  The point is this.  I could only afford to pay so much for the car but I wanted to buy a car that was at least reliable and would not break down as soon as I drove off the car lot.  The man gave me several options of cars but kept pitching the sale of one particular car.  In examining the car I found it to start when I turn on the ignition; did no leak oil; stopped when the brakes were applied; did not smoke from old oil; and, the radio worked although there was a rattle in the speaker.  So, I bought that car because he offered me no real guarantee on the other cars.  He guaranteed me that I could bring the car back if I had any problems with it.  Two weeks later the car stopped in the middle of the highway.  I called the salesman and told him the car had broken down and where I was.  He said to bring the car back and he would fix it.   The problem with that?  I was 50 miles away from the city and would have to have the car towed in at my expense.  Alas, I managed to get the car towed back to his lot and his mechanic checked the problem.  The thing that was causing the problem was not something he felt was covered under his guarantee.  I paid for the repairs and drove away.  Within another month I had the car back in there no less than five times.  For the next months that I owned the car I had constant problems with it.  Mitt Romney’s constant flipping what he said in the past and saying that President Obama is lying when he says that he said something reminds me of just what happened with that car.  He says what he needs to say to the audience he is appearing before.  He felt that making the analogy to his family’s owning slaves was what he needed to say to the people he was speaking with in Prattville, Alabama.  When he disced 47% of the citizens as people who took no responsibility for their lives in Boca Raton, Florida, it was what he needed to say at that time.   Throughout the six or so years that he has been running for the presidency he has held an extreme conservatism view, i.e., get rid of  Obama care, have Roe v Wade overturned, get rid of Planned Parenthood, lower taxes for the wealthy, not pull the troops from Iraq as the president did, keep troops in Afghanistan, etc.  He has even indicated he would attack Iran and start another war in Syria.  Then he said he would keep parts of Obamacare and won’t lower those taxes.  Now he is back to saying he will get rid of Obamacare.  He supports the extreme views of those who say ‘rape is an act of god’, there such a thing as ‘legitimate rape’, ‘there is something within a woman’s body that will stop her from becoming pregnant if she is legitimately raped’, etc.  Just who is the real Mitt Romney?  The real Mitt Romney is the used car salesman who has changed his profession from selling the used car lemons to sell snake oil promising that it will cure all that ails the United States of America.  Women, PLEASE!!!  DON’T FALL INTO THE TRAP AND BUY THAT SNAKE OIL!!!!!  It really is toxic and the venom is very dangerous.  This man wants smaller government except when it comes to your body.  He wants government out of our personal lives unless you are a woman.  He wants government to be the decider of what happens with your body, if you should use contraceptives or not, whether or not you should have a baby as a result of a rape or not, have screenings for breast cancer or not, etc.  The man is trying to sell you a bill of goods that have no substance.  DON’T BUY IT!!!  You will still get a used car that is nothing but a lemon. 



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