To ALL The Obama Doubters

For those of you who are considering not voting for President Obama this time around.  Please keep in mind that Mitt Romney’s views are whatever is convenient for him to say at a given time to get your votes.  As for the president’s record.  No man or woman could have gotten this country out of the mess that President Bush left it in any faster than Obama has.  Romney’s message that (1) ‘I’m not concerned about the poor.  They will take care of themselves.’ (2) ’47 % of the people in the country are slackers, moochers, or takers who need think they are entitled to what we (the rich) have.  They just want the government to hand them checks, food stamps, medical care, etc. but don’t pay taxes to get it.’  (3) ‘I think that women don’t deserve the same pay that a man does.’  (4) ‘I want less government except when it comes to a woman’s body.  The government must control that issue.’  (5) ‘I won’t make the rich pay more.  I’ll just make you (the working class) pay more.’  (6) ‘I think that poor children need to figure out a way to take care of themselves and their college education.’  (7) ‘If you get sick, don’t sit in your apartment.  We’ll get you to the emergency room so you can sit there for hours to, maybe, get the care you need for whatever ails you.’  (8) ‘I support the theory that slavery was good for Black people.  They need to understand that.  I know because my family owned slaves.’  (9) ‘I know how to create jobs. I outsourced many jobs and sent them to China.’  (10) ‘I know how to rebuild companies.  I took many of them over and sent them into bankruptcy and put those people out of work.’  (11)  ‘If you served in the military, “thank you.”  I sought ways to avoid serving.  You’re on your own to survive whatever injuries you incurred in the line of duty but I will increase the budget and seen more of you to fight in Iran, or wherever.  I can’t wait to accomplish this because the Prime Minister of Israel thinks we need to fight Iran.  I also think we need to go to war with Russia.’  (12) ‘If you paid into Social Security, so what.  I think your money needs to be put at risk on Wall Street rather than in the safer place the government has it.’ and the most famous one of all (13) ‘Trust me when I say that it is not going to happen. My word is fact.  I won’t tell you how much I will raise your taxes by.  Just know that it will be more in favor of the rich and less in favor for the middle class or poor.’  Folks, look past the smoke and mirrors that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are selling you.  My vote has already been cast for our economy to continue on the path of success we are on.  You can follow the smoke and mirrors route if you care to but I guarantee you will pay a heavy price in the end.  Think about it.



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