Why Does Mitt Romney Really Want To Be President?

Does Mr. Romney want to be president so he can add another notch to his impressive resume?  Every time I try to even like this man I find myself asking that very question?  I was never a George Bush fan but I at least liked the man as a person.  He never made me think that he was less than an average human being.  Bush knew where he came from, at least.  Mitt Romney, on the other hand, really comes across to me as a rich a$$hole who really does not like people who occasionally need a little assistance to make it, looks down on those not on his financial level, hates senior citizens and anyone who is now receiving Social Security, Medicare, disability, food stamps, or any other type of annuity.  I have even questioned whether or not he even likes the people who serve in our armed forces since he is against anything that might help veterans.  Has he forgotten that his father, George Wilcken Romney, was on public assistance (welfare) at one point in his life?  Were his grandparents’ moochers or slackers?  Does he want to be president because his father tried and did not succeed (Richard Nixon won the spot but appointed Romney to the position of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)?  Does he want the position of president in order to help his rich counterparts keep paying that 13% or less tax rates?   Every time he speaks I feel like he is looking down on those of us less fortunate than he.  The recently revealed secret tape reinforces these thoughts because the man was orating was very relaxed and speaking his true thoughts and feelings.  Lord help me if he becomes president.  At nearly 70 years of age I could find myself paying taxes again on my disability and Social Security.  One definition for condescending is “snobby: behaving toward other people in a way that shows you consider yourself socially or intellectually superior to them.”  He may be a nice man to his family but I find him very condescending.




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